The goal of church growth is to attract new members. This might seem daunting. Oftentimes, the church’s membership may seem stagnant because the congregation knows every person in the congregation. However, there are ways to grow your church without having to spend tons of money or leave it all to the pastor.

One way to grow your church is to invite more friends and family to church. Often, the people who feel cared for and invited to church are more likely to attend. Make an effort to welcome new visitors and give them an excellent experience.

Another important part of church growth is to develop a core group of leaders. These individuals will be able to keep the church on track and prevent it from stagnating.

Church leaders should also work on reaching out to members who are not involved. Aside from inviting new people to the church, leaders should focus on programs that will meet the needs of the community.

In addition, leaders should connect with other growing churches. Not only can they learn from each other, they can also share resources, best practices, and support.

To ensure your church’s growth, create a written action plan. Include specific goals, strategies, and metrics to help the church stay on track. Having a written action plan helps avoid stagnation and allows your congregants to see that you are committed to your mission.

Having a clear and well-defined target audience is key to church growth. Once you have a clear picture of your church’s demographics, you can make the necessary adjustments to your program.