Garage Door Replacement vs. Repair: Making the Right Decision

Chandler garage door repair services

Like most things in life, garage doors need to be repaired or replaced eventually. New garage doors are available in a wide array of attractive styles, materials and finishes.

Chandler garage door repair services address minor damages like dents or faded paint, saving you from unnecessary replacements. Trust us to restore your door’s aesthetics and functionality. However, consistent problems that go unaddressed can lead to costly repairs in the future.


The cost of a new garage door can vary widely, depending on the materials, design, and other features you choose. For example, doors with windows are more expensive than basic styles, but they provide added appeal and natural light. Other factors that can impact cost include:

While minor issues can be repaired, major damage often requires a replacement. This is because garage doors are complex systems with a variety of parts that interact with each other. Even a seemingly insignificant issue that goes unaddressed for a long time can cause irreparable damage, especially over hundreds of openings and closings.

On average, repair costs range from $100 to $700. These repairs may involve repairing or replacing a broken cable, track, spring, or motor. It can also include repairing or replacing the frame, which sits around the edges of the door to define it and offer extra insulation. Lintels, which are often made of wood and can rot or corrode over time, require repair or replacement as well.


If your garage door has significant cosmetic or functional damage that cannot be repaired, then it is probably time for a replacement. New doors offer benefits like tighter seals, insulated polyurethane panels and advanced energy-saving features that can significantly lower your energy bills.

It may be wise to consult a professional before undertaking DIY repairs or using non-certified technicians because these actions can often void warranties. Additionally, a professional can ensure that all the components of your garage door are working harmoniously and safely together.

If the damage to your garage door is purely cosmetic and does not impact its structural integrity or appearance, a repair is usually the better option. However, the longer you ignore consistent damages to your garage door, the more likely they will lead to extensive wear and tear, requiring a replacement. In addition, a damaged garage door can decrease the value of your home. A brand-new door will give you peace of mind and may add to the overall curb appeal of your home.


Garage doors are heavy and powerful moving mechanical structures that must work efficiently for hundreds of open and close cycles. Over time, even a small problem can cause significant damage that ultimately requires replacement of the entire door.

A sudden breakdown is often easier to repair because the issue tends to be isolated and hasn’t worsened for years, causing irreparable damage. However, many repairs are still needed to keep the system functioning properly.

In some cases, it’s better to just upgrade the overall door system and get a new look, insulation levels, window options or energy efficiency benefits. A new door also includes a warranty that may offer greater peace of mind than simply repairing the existing unit. A new garage door can also give you a variety of color choices, more advanced security features or upgraded hardware that enhances the function and appearance of the structure. This allows you to increase the value of your home and potentially save money on utility bills.


A garage door can have a major impact on your home’s curb appeal. It’s important to take into consideration if you’re in an HOA (Home Owners Association) where they have strict rules regarding the appearance of homes in the neighborhood.

A discolored garage door can be easily fixed with a new coat of paint. This is a great way to add some value to your home and make it look fresh and new.

When a garage door is in need of repair due to age or wear and tear, it’s crucial to evaluate the pros and cons of replacing the entire system or simply repairing a specific component. By focusing on the factors that are most important to you, you can ensure you’re making the right decision for your needs. It’s a good idea to consult with a professional to assess your situation. They can provide you with a detailed report and offer their expert advice.

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